Proof Of … Life !

This time I had a conversation with a buddy with whom I was sharing some thoughts. We got to talking about what predisposes or doesn’t predispose someone to get involved and succeed in a mission.

Entrepreneurial antigravity

I’ve always been fascinated by birds, airplanes, space shuttles, anything that can escape gravity and rise into the heavens and beyond. However, my experiences have rather anchored me to earth. I found the balance… GivingToOthers.

The remaining 1%…

In more than ten years of crossing developers and start-ups, everyone will understand that I have wondered a lot about what made the success or failure of these entrepreneurs.

Unconditional Mother

Yesterday, taking advantage of the beautiful rays of sunshine, I had the chance to meet one of my best friends, a sociologist whom I will name M. As many know, I am passionate about the world of digital, start-ups, ecosystems. It is particularly the behaviours of people, their relationships, their interactions that I always try to understand better. Curious to get my interlocutors to react on what they think about it, I have started a very interesting discussion with M.


Over the years, I have often had the opportunity to talk to entrepreneurs. It seemed to me that one theme often came up: the loneliness of the entrepreneur.

The paradox of time

I recently ran into an old friend of mine who had been out of touch for years. I’m passing on the details of this reunion of former academics, to tell you that we’ve come to ask ourselves a question: what is the most irreparable loss?

The value of the “objects”

It’s amazing how many things we can accumulate in our daily lives. I assume that each of these objects refers to a situation that makes sense at the time the person gets them. Don’t be surprised if I put the term « objects » in quotation marks in the rest of my talk, I’ll explain.

Reality, Perspective, Perception

For the common man of which I am a part (I don’t know about you), all these notions and their links, seem to me sometimes very delicate to understand and specially to practice. In this return to my sources, while walking around, I saw something, not unusual, but which curiously gave me the desire to draw my camera from the everyday life (my mobile) and to make two pictures of a reality.

Free Choice Vs. Social Standard

I do not know anyone who will tell you that she acts exclusively in reference (as or in opposition) to an acquaintance, a father, a mother, friends, a brother, a sister, a group, even an obedience. Moreover, even those who will tell you this, will hasten to specify that it is by having analysed the situation or the other. A majority of the people we come across therefore claim to fully exercise their free will. But how to (really) exercise this free will with a social norm that is sometimes so restrictive?

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