« Open Innovation dynamic is not a Proof Of Concept, but a Proof Of Life ! »


Pascal Latouche

Welcome to my personal website! Here I share with you my passions for Open Innovation, Human and Social Sciences, Knowledge Management and Entrepreneurship:

More than 25 years of experience in the design, implementation and management of partnership programs and digital business development, strategic and operational marketing, and communication.

Doctorate in management sciences from the University of Paris-Saclay on open innovation, lecturer and author at ISTE (2nd French-speaking publisher of scientific books) and Wiley (1st English-speaking publisher of scientific books).

My skills





Change management



Marketing, commercial strategy

collaborative platforms and social networks

financial strategy / investment fund

partner strategy



Proof Of … Life !

This time I had a conversation with a buddy with whom I was sharing some thoughts. We got to talking about what predisposes or doesn’t predispose someone to get involved and succeed in a mission.

Entrepreneurial antigravity

I’ve always been fascinated by birds, airplanes, space shuttles, anything that can escape gravity and rise into the heavens and beyond. However, my experiences have rather anchored me to earth. I found the balance… GivingToOthers.

The remaining 1%…

In more than ten years of crossing developers and start-ups, everyone will understand that I have wondered a lot about what made the success or failure of these entrepreneurs.

Unconditional Mother

Yesterday, taking advantage of the beautiful rays of sunshine, I had the chance to meet one of my best friends, a sociologist whom I will name M. As many know, I am passionate about the world of digital, start-ups, ecosystems. It is particularly the behaviours of people, their relationships, their interactions that I always try to understand better. Curious to get my interlocutors to react on what they think about it, I have started a very interesting discussion with M.


J’ai eu le plaisir et la chance de travailler avec Pascal sur la stratégie machine-to-machine d’Orange. Ces capacités d’analyse exceptionnelle doublée de son approche rigoureuse et structurée ont permis au projet de livrer à la fois en temps et en résultats concrets.

Nicolas Cloutier

CEO, NOSE SAS - Search for customer service responsible

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Pascal on a mutual project. During the work with Pascal I’ve discovered a professional partner with deep understanding of the business and a strong strategic leadership, yet all combined with a very pleasant personality that makes one want to work with him more and more.

Yogev Triki

CEO, Perform!

Pascal a dirigé avec brio l’Orange Fab France et a été l’un des artisans du succès de la saison #1. Son pragmatisme, sa grande disponibilité et son obsession à mettre le business au dessus de la simple communication ont permis de faire éclore probablement le premier programme d’open innovation réussi entre un grand groupe français et des start-ups françaises.

Bertrand Sylvestre-Boncheval

Founder & CEO, PayinTech