My personal vision of Open Innovation with start-ups


What is it?

Open innovation is an approach that relies on the flow of assets and/or knowledge between two economic structures.

Who is it aimed at?

  • On the one hand to a company or institution, which is generally called « corporate »!
  • On the other hand, to an innovative player outside the corporate world, for example a young innovative company commonly referred to as a « start-up » !

What is the purpose of this?

  • For the corporate: to maintain market positions and or develop new positions in other markets!
  • For the start-up: to develop commercially by contracting with the corporate!

The effective operationalisation of open innovation often remains a major challenge

01. For the corporate

How to design the right organization to work with the start-up?

How to make employees actors of the business transformation (from internal innovation to innovation with the start-up)?

How to qualify and quantify the benefits of working with the start-up?

02. For the start-up

Does the corporate have the resources to co-innovate (or is it only to work on its image)?

For which concrete business objectives?

Within what timeframe?

03. For all

How to manage risks in the relationship?
The Tax risks?
The HR risks?
Security risks?
Compliance risks?
Purchasing risks?
Image risks?
Intellectual property risks?

Open innovation is not new. What is new is the need to implement it efficiently for each of the stakeholders.

Through my expérience, whether you are a corporate or a start-up, I give many answers to all these questions in my books, conferences and articles.

In addition, I can also provide you with tailor-made advice on a daily basis and invite you to consult me!

In a world where economic competition is tough, corporations and start-ups alike have in common the customer, the user, the end consumer, who is increasingly demanding and impatient!

Well-constructed alliances are possible and will benefit everyone.