Favourite for the start-up Full’Street

Favourite for the start-up Full’Street

Looking for profiles I could interview for my new book on open innovation, I had made a post on LinkedIn for this purpose. I got feedback from someone I didn’t know at all : Ms. Chrystèle Sanon…

Favourite for the start-up RacontR

I don’t know about you, but I’m not very tech-savvy myself. I am therefore naturally attracted by platforms that do not require technical knowledge for their use.

Favourite for the start-up Beekast

Soon to be three weeks into our confinement. New “routines” have been put in place as a matter of urgency. Taking a step back now seems useful.

Favourite for the start-up Ogo Security

With containment, we spend a certain amount of time on Social Networks to get useful information. Others spend time on the Web, not to inform, but to threaten. These are the hackers of the web, the hackers. They must be dealt with.

Favourite for the start-up Octomine

Circumstances led me to exchange with Mr Yves-Richard Hong Tuan Ha of the start-up Octomine through Delphine Lancel, Associate Director RH&M Group.

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